Flubdub | 2001

A piece for 3 dancers and 1 DJ.

Concept/choreography/performers: Helmut Ott, Andrea Sonnberger, Anna Holter

Performed as part of the Blaue Nacht in Nuremberg (D).

Notizen | 2001

Two people gaze into a mirror and each see their own worlds. From this figures and situations arise that independently find a/their place in the room. There's a meeting; a careful approach is attempted through dialogue, in which each other's world is examined. Stories, misunderstandings and the figure's own momentum define the meeting.

Choreography/performers: Anna Holter, Andrea Sonnberger
Music: Thomas König

Performed in Metropol Theater, Munich (D).

This project was supported by the Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt in Munich and Tanztendenz Munich.

Zweite Folge; barfüßige Engel | 2001

The piece is a description of the space that forms from the ending of a story. From a specific ending we emerge into a space that we're usually not conscious of, but one that exists and may or may not produce something new - a place of the incomprehensible - beginning ending no questions
but a continuation

Choreography: Anna Holter
Performers: Birgitt Schneider, Anna Holter
Music: Rupert Huber

Performed in Theater ...und so fort, Munich (D); Balett Akademin, Stockholm (S); Metropol Theater, Munich (D).

This project was suported by Theater...und so fort and der Tanztendenz München.
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Kontraste | 1999

Emotional states are separated by a fine line:
Love and hate go hand in hand.
With a kiss you spit in the mouth of another.
There's vomit on the walls of the noblest galleries.
"She" has ventured too far to one side of the scales this time.

Concept/choreography: Anna Holter
Performers: Andrea Sonnberger, Birgitt Schneider, Anna Holter

Performed in Spectaculum Mundi, Munich (D).

This project was supported by Spectaculum mundi and der Tanztendenz München.

Relationen | 1997

There are frequently situations in which one is not fully conscious of other people, perhaps doesn't wish to be. Particularly when we look at the relations between individuals: What does one person think of the another and what do third parties think of the first two?

Choreography: Anna Holter
Performers: Birgitt Schneider, Stephan Herwig, Isabell Maté, Artur Faiss, Kristine Schmidt

Performed in Iwanson Schule/Studio Stage, Munich (D); Lokomotive, Munich (D).

Thanks to Iwanson Schule