Thema 3

Premiere: 7. March 2008, 8.30 pm
Location: i-camp/Neues Theater München

Further Performances: 8.+9. March in i-camp/Neues Theater München, 14 + 15 March Kulturforum Fürth, 4 + 5 April Hannover, 12 April Tanzspeicher Würzburg 2008
Revival at Theater Erfurt: 20 + 21 Mai and 9 + 10 June 2011

"Thema 3" is dedicated to the mysterious number three. Since time immemorial magical powers have been ascribed to the figure: in mythology we encounter the Trinity of the Moongoddess; in the world of fairytales and legends it is not unusual to meet a trio of mysterious fairies, who hold the strings of fate in their hands. If these three fairies happen to cross your path, with luck you might even be granted three wishes. On the stage there is something special about Chekhovs "Three Sisters" and in football it is the hat trick. Science tells us that all the smallest pieces of the universe are only made up of pieces yet smaller still, quarks and that my hat would not be my hat if it didn't have three corners. As the Roman poet Virgil wrote: Ise! Numero Deus impare gaudet - God rejoices over the triad. In three weeks, with three dancers Anna Holter uses the medium of dance and movement to investigate exactly what it is about the simple number three which can provoke such great emotion.

Choreography/Concept: Anna Holter
Original cast: Julia Riera, Lotte Rudhart, Cecilia Wretemark
Cast Theater Erfurt 2011: Uki Etzold, Bernadette Leitner, Makoto Sakurai
Feedback/Dramaturgy: Tobias Lange
Music: Michael Heilrath/Anna Holter
Production: Artblau

Produced by Artblau, Tanzspeicher Würzburg and Kulturforums Fürth, with the generous support of the Bayerischen Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT), the Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, the Tanztendenz München e.V., the Theater i-camp/Neues Theater München as well as Oberbayern and Theater Erfurt