Meeting with Oneself | 2004-06

Meeting with Oneself is concerned with the daily, individual struggle with decisions. The various strategies and possibilities to reach a decision are transported with the help of contemporary dance: A person is sitting at a table, their thoughts turning over in the mind. What if? They're weighing up the possibilities... As though pros and cons had become alive and independent of each other, a second person enters the scene and personifies the first - the principle of reversal. This opening scenario - the image of a person torn within and their counterpart - flows throughout the entire piece. There are seemingly endless variations, whereby the portrayal includes both tangible and abstract possibilities. Later on in the piece the original two become four people. By the end only one will have survived - representations of the collection and sounding out of alternatives.

Meeting with oneself concentrates on the struggle over and with decisions, the weighing up of alternatives, the constant changes to and fro, the replacement and alteration of decisions - fragments, in which the rhythm of modern dance as well as tremendous choreographic versatility are revealed. Dorothea Martin

Choreography: Anna Holter
Performers/inspiration: Nadine Gerspacher, Anna Holter, Helmut Ott, Franziska Unseld
Video: Anna Holter

Performed in Metropol Theater, Munich (D); TanzSpeicher Würzburg (D); at Transalpin/ Ikväll svenskt, a european dance exchange project organised by Anna Holter and Tanztendenz München e.V. in collaboration with i-camp/ Neues Theater Munich (D); Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm (S), and as the German representative at the dance festival Danse a Lille in Lille (F).

Meeting with Oneself as work in progress was also shown in i-camp/ Neues Theater Munich (D); tanzimpulse Munich (D); ARGEkultur Salzburg (A) This project is sponsored by Bayrischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT), by the means of the Bavarian State Department for Science, Research and Art, Tanztendenz Munich, i-camp, Neues Theater Munich and Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.
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